Genuine Hip-shakin' Rock,
Rhythm & Blues

Although I was born and raised in and around Detroit, and weened on Detroit Rock & Motown listening to WABX, WKNR Keener 13, CKLW and WWWW, I spent a few years living in Louisiana. The culture and the music from down there has had a major impact on my life and music. That was when I started playing slide and getting heavily involved in the Blues. While the blues is still an influence in my writing, it tends to get somewhat disguised sometimes. So what you get now is a mixture I like to call Detroit bayou rock.

The Scott Lewis Band (SLB) has been around for awhile too, celebrating 10 years now. Starting out as primarily a cover project it has now evolved into an original music act. I still play in a cover band called Jambox in the local bars and am also the guitar player for a really cool, high energy "Jump Blues" project called Big Smooth & the Hellraisers. I guess I just can't get enough. Oh yeah, I also do solo acoustic shows and occaisionally work with another guitarist in a acoustic project we call the DagNabit Duo.

I hope you enjoy the music and hope to see you at one of my shows soon.

Thanks for stopping in,